3 Ways to Accelerate Business Value



“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.” — Dr. Seuss

Driving adoption is a key way to realize the business value. 

If nobody adopts the solution, then that’s what Gartner would call “Value Leakage.” 

Value Realization really comes down to governance, measurement, and adoption.

With scenarios at your fingertips, you have a powerful way to articulate value, justify business cases, drive business transformation, and accelerate business value.   The key lies in using the scenarios as a unit of value, and focusing on scenarios as a way to drive adoption and change.

Here are three ways you can use scenarios to accelerate business value:

1. Accelerate Business Adoption and Usage

One of the ways to accelerate business value is to accelerate adoption.    You can use scenarios to help enumerate specific behavior changes that need to happen to drive the adoption.  

You can establish metrics and measures around specific behavior changes.  

In this way, you make adoption a lot more specific, concrete, intentional, and tangible.

This approach is about doing the right things, faster.

2.  Re-Sequence the Scenarios

Another way to accelerate business value is to re-sequence the scenarios.   If your big bang is way at the end (way, way at the end), no good.  Sprinkle some of your bangs up front.  

In fact, a great way to design for change is to build rolling thunder.  

Put some of the scenarios up front that will get people excited about the change and directly experiencing the benefits.  Make it real.

The approach is about putting first things first.

3.  Identify Higher Value Scenarios

The third way to accelerate business value is to identify higher-value scenarios.   One of the things that happens along the way, is you start to uncover potential scenarios that you may not have seen before, and these scenarios represent orders of magnitude more value.  

This is the space of serendipity.  

As you learn more about users and what they value, and stakeholders and what they value, you start to connect more dots between the scenarios you can deliver and the value that can be realized (and therefore, accelerated.)

This approach is about trading up for higher value and more impact.

As you can see, business leaders can drive business value and accelerate business value realization by using scenarios and storyboarding.  

It’s a simple and agile approach for connecting business and IT, and for shaping a more Agile Enterprise.

Digital business transformation is an art and a science and I’d like to reduce the gap between the state of the art and the state of the practice.

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