The 4 Circles of Extreme Programming



When I first learned eXtreme Programming (XP), my mentors introduced it using four circles. 

I really liked how the four circles made it easy to remember the XP practices, and I liked how it made them easier to remember.  This post is a walkthrough of the four circles of XP.

The Four Circles of XP

The four circles of XP:

  • Coding Circle
  • Team Circle
  • Process Circle
  • Product Circle

The four circles group the XP practices in a simple way:

  • Coding Circle – Pair Programming, Refactoring, Testing
  • Team Circle – Coding Standards, Collective Ownership, Continuous Integration
  • Process Circle – 40-hour Week, Metaphor, Simple Design, Short Releases
  • Product Circle – On-site Customer, Planning Game

For an explanation of the XP practices see XP Practices (Wikipedia).

The Four Circles of XP at a Glance

Here is a view of the XP practices at a glance:


The Coding Circle

The Coding Circle includes Pair-Programming, Refactoring, and Testing.  Here is a view of the Coding Circle highlighted:


The Team Circle

The Team Circle includes Coding Standards, Collective Ownership, and Continuous Integration.  Here is a view of the Team Circle highlighted:


The Process Circle

The Process Circle includes 40-Hour Week, Metaphor, Short Releases, and Simple Design.  Here is a view of the Process Circle highlighted:


The Product Circle

The Product Circle includes Planning and On-Site Customer.  Here is a view of the Product Circle highlighted:


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