Experience-Driven Development



Features don’t necessarily aggregate up to “experiences” and I would argue that today’s winning approach is …

… Experience-Driven Development

… Where experience means user’s can perform their goals successfully… the software makes them feel good and succeed at their goals. 

It’s an integration of scenarios + experiences … and persona-based scenarios with goals.

This shifts the focus to lighting up experiences over just shipping features or scenarios. 

It also means a focus on “Experience Step-Throughs” to model and prioritize what you ship. 

The Experience is the Differentiator

It seems like today’s software success is about shipping the vital few experiences that make an impact. 

I know it seems like a subtle shift, but I still come across too many glitches that get in the way of great software … … I think we need “experience-first” … or more “experience-driven.”

Experiences are the differentiator … you can have scenario parity or feature parity, yet miss the boat on experience.  It’s beyond user stories and scenarios with acceptance tests (though that’s a good start.)  It’s about measuring efficiency and effectiveness of the user experience.

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