Imagine If Cheat Sheet

Imagine If statements are a great way to generate new ideas by challenging the way things are and exploring the art of the possible.

By practicing Imagine If statements, you can practice creating new ideas wherever you are, whenever you want.

Here are some examples to inspire you and help you get started…

Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Operations, and Products Imagine Ifs…

Customer Experience
  • Imagine if you could enable customers to connect with your business in ways that they choose, and deliver personalized experiences anywhere, anytime.
Employee Experience
  • Imagine if you could better understand your customers’ needs and desires, and become more creative in innovating and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Imagine if your employees collaborated across boundaries, felt free to experiment, provided outstanding service, and had a flexible work environment that increased their productivity.
  • Imagine if your employees could identify ways to be more productive, improve performance, and make insightful decisions.
  • Imagine if all your employees could participate in developing innovative offerings that delighted your customers, expanded the reach of your business, and created new revenue streams.
  • Imagine if you could broadly share information throughout the business, manage resources with agility, and better coordinate processes.
  • If you could use many channels to expand the reach of your business, better understand how customers use your products, and innovate quickly.

Business Functions / Executive Role Imagine Ifs

(Chief Digital Officer)
  • Imagine if you could better understand your customers’ behavior, how they use your products, and where opportunities exist to improve products and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Imagine if your entire organization could contribute ideas and efficiently collaborate to envision, explore, and develop innovative products and services.
  • Imagine if you could explore many more ideas, invest wisely, and accelerate development.
  • Imagine if you could delight a different set of customers with new products and services, and could enter an adjacent market or create a market-making platform.
(Chief Financial Officer)
  • Imagine if your internal customers could answer queries themselves to address consumer needs, make better decisions, and invest in new ideas.
  • Imagine if you could instantly push data, business intelligence, and timely insights to finance experts and executives, enabling them to achieve greater efficiency and increase time for value-add work.
  • Imagine if you had trustworthy predictive and real-time insights to assess customer needs, make critical and time-sensitive decisions, and predict future market conditions.
  • Imagine if you had real-time insights about supply and demand, and could better understand consumer appetite for future products.
(Chief Human Resources Officer)
  • Imagine if you could better understand your customers’ behavior, how they use your products, and where opportunities exist to improve customer engagement and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Imagine if your employees were always learning, contributing, and innovating; valued diverse ways of thinking and working; and found meaning and purpose in their work.
  • Imagine if you had insight to make more informed decisions about hiring, developing talent in your workforce, and improving the ways your employees work together.
  • Imagine if your employees could use self-service tools to manage onboarding, learning, career growth, and HR administration, while freeing up your HR team to do high-value strategic work.
(Chief Information Officer)
  • Imagine if you could better understand your customers, provide personalized experiences using any channel, provide the products they want, and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Imagine if your employees were more productive and efficient, shared knowledge throughout your business, collaborated easily, and were able to work remotely anytime, on any device.
  • Imagine if you could gain insight from business and customer data to optimize operations improve marketing, support better decision making, and improve the efficiency of your supply chain.
  • Imagine if you could expand the reach of your business, develop new revenue streams, and innovate quickly in response to customer needs.
(Chief Information Security Officer)
  • Imagine if you could securely and richly engage with customers across any channel, deliver new experiences, and ensure customer information is protected.
  • Imagine if you could unleash the creativity and energy of your workforce by allowing them to collaborate and share knowledge securely anytime from anywhere.
  • Imagine if you could identify and reduce security risks, mitigate damage, and respond more effectively to threats and attacks.
  • Imagine if you had a secure innovation platform to deliver the first and best products and customer experiences, and to realize value in new markets.
(Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Imagine if you could deliver personalized, rich, connected experiences to your customers anywhere, inspiring and driving loyalty along every step of the customer journey.
  • Imagine if your marketing operations teams could keep up with your fast-moving customers, efficiently collaborating to quickly meet customer needs with agility.
  • Imagine if you could embrace the uniqueness of each customer, based on a broad range of information, to bring customers into focus and personally engage them.
(Chief Operating Officer)
  • Imagine if you could drive superior customer satisfaction by providing personalized, consistent, and intelligent customer self-service across all digital channels.
  • Imagine if you could maximize the productivity of your field force while enabling field service teams to collaborate and quickly respond to customer needs.
  • Imagine if you had operational insights across business divisions, enabling you to predict problems and minimize disruptions, improve decision making, increase efficiency.
  • Imagine if you better understood how customers use your products, and could apply insight about customer sentiment and market dynamics to develop and improve products.

Disruptive Technology Imagine Ifs…

  • Imagine if you truly understood each customer’s pains, needs, and desires, could enable customers to relate to you in more natural ways, and could deliver unique and personalized experiences and products.
  • Imagine if you could empower all your employees with intelligent digital assistants that provides them with the knowledge and real-time insights to make better decisions.
  • Imagine if you could automatically evaluate business, operational, and manufacturing processes and outputs in real-time to identify anomalies, rapidly determine risks, accelerate validation, and significantly reduce errors.
  • Imagine if you could analyze a broad range of telemetry and data captured from product usage, customer context, and customer behavior to develop innovative, relevant, and personalized products.
AI in Banking
  • Imagine if you could empower each of your customers to reach their individual financial goals through integrated, always accessible and intelligent banking services providing a compelling one-on-one experience.
  • Imagine if you could provide intelligent hyper personalized banking services to your customers by empowering your bankers  with smart advisory capabilities, augmented decision making and intelligent process automation.
  • Imagine if you could protect your customers from fraud proactively every time while minimizing friction and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Imagine if you could delight customers with a seamless , near real-time onboarding experience while reducing cost and managing risk powered by cognitive automation.
  • Imagine if you could improve speed by automating the creation and management of credit facilities through smart contracts.
  • Imagine if you could improve real-time visibility to the transaction to better institute regulatory and customs oversight.
  • Imagine if you could enable direct interaction between import and export banks, and eliminate the role of correspondent banks.
  • Imagine if you could fulfill and settle international money transfers in near real time instead of 3-5 days while reducing operational costs and liquidity requirements.
  • Imagine if you could dramatically reduce fraudulent transactions to a fraction of what they are today.
  • Imagine if you could enable on-demand regulatory compliance and audit information to the regulators.
  • Imagine if you could enable a seamless exchange of KYC information amongst financial institutions for near real time compliance processing, enabling digital customer onboarding while empowering customers with digital identity and document management in a secure manner.
  • Imagine if you had a trusted immutable record of asset ownership and transaction history (for each asset class)  that also enables seamless ownership transfer without settlement latency or risk.
Mixed Reality
  • Imagine if you could deliver a highly personalized experience that enables a customer to learn, envision, and customize a product in 3D.
  • Imagine if you could collaborate using 3D information visualized in context and at scale, supporting communication and decision making across disciplines and teams.
  • Imagine if you could scale expertise to solve complex issues in real-time, using real-time work instructions, on-demand remote advisors for assisted diagnosis, and remote visualization capabilities.
  • Imagine if you could design in a real world context, visualize concepts in real-scale and 3D, accelerate design processes, and dramatically reduce time to market and development costs.
Smart Spaces
  • Imagine if your building or campus were more than just a place to work.
  • Imagine that your customers or anyone who visits you just loves coming to your building because it enables and inspires them to achieve more.
  • Imagine that your employees enjoy coming to work at your building or campus because it epitomizes all that is great about working for you and drives them to greater personal and business success.
  • Imagine having a building or campus that is a showcase for your company, that demonstrates to your customers, partners and competitors that you understand digital transformation and are using it to drive your business to greater success

Industry Imagine Ifs…

  • Imagine if you personalize and improve a traveler’s end-to-end experience, providing fast, simple, and seamless services in flight and on the ground.
  • Imagine if your crews streamline flight planning and customer services, efficiently coordinate the supply chain, and decrease turnaround time to provide great customer experiences and improve utilization.
  • Imagine if you efficiently plan maintenance, anticipate and prevent breakdowns, and respond quickly and with insight to increase time in service.
  • Imagine if you could deliver mobile services that provide personalized experiences and increase productivity, delivering new value to drivers and passengers.
  • Imagine if you could create a factory of the future where humans and robots learn from each other, collaborate optimally and safely, and perform complicated tasks.
  • Imagine if you could digitize and optimize your supply chain, improving efficiency, awareness, decision making, and agility.
  • Imagine if you could seamlessly be a part of the touchpoints of your customers’ lifestyles with innovative products and services integrated from a broad digital ecosystem.
  • Imagine if you could become the trusted financial coach to your customers, helping them to save, spend wisely, grow their money, and plan for the future.
  • Imagine if you could empower all your bankers with an intelligent personal assistant that provides them with the knowledge and real-time insights to make better decisions.
  • Imagine if you could digitize multi-party transactions within your business network, making them faster, secure, and more transparent.
  • Imagine if you could seamlessly participate in the everyday lives of your customers, connect them with partner offerings, and add value from a larger business network.
  • Imagine if your citizens and businesses have simple access to responsive and personalized services from relevant government agencies.
  • Imagine if your employees could work from anywhere, your field and case workers had the tools and devices they need, and employees could easily collaborate and innovate.
  • Imagine if you could anticipate and quickly respond to citizen needs, and improve planning for the future, based on insights from a wide range of data from many sources.
  • Imagine if you could provide customers with many reliable, personalized transit options, guide customers throughout their journeys, and simplify transit services.
Citizen Services
  • Imagine if you were part of your citizens’ everyday lives, and could deliver personalized, connected, and responsive experiences to your citizens with insight.
  • Imagine if your employees could remain connected with their agencies while working from anywhere, and could remotely collaborate, innovate, and share ideas and information.
  • Imagine if you could anticipate and respond to the needs of citizens faster through increased flow of information, while gaining insights from a wide range of data to streamline operations and deliver proactive services.
  • Imagine a platform approach to public services that addresses rising complexity and need for relevance, and enables collaboration between stakeholders for creating solutions that improve citizens’ lives, boost innovation, and increase economic competitiveness.
Consumer Electronics
  • Imagine if you could provide personalized experiences to your customers, offering products they desire, and creating ongoing opportunities for generating revenue.
  • Imagine if you could maintain a constant connection with your customers, optimizing marketing campaigns, and tailoring offers and incentives to your customers’ needs.
  • Imagine if you could design products based on insight from usage data, collaborating with global development teams, and quickly prototyping and testing new products.
Consumer Goods
  • Imagine if you could better understand the behavior, preferences, and needs of your consumers, improve your connection to them, and supply the right products at the right times.
  • Imagine if your employees could increase their engagement with distributors and retailers, optimize marketing and service, and increase sales.
  • Imagine if you could streamline production, ensure traceability and transparency, stay ahead of maintenance needs, and identify methods for optimizing the entire supply chain.
  • Imagine if students dynamically collaborated with each other, learned from and taught each other, and contributed to each other’s success.
  • Imagine if you knew more about each student’s skills, weaknesses, and interests, enabling you to adapt content and methods, address issues, and help students achieve more.
  • Imagine if you could increase the efficiency of your administrative processes, improve coordination and collaboration, and optimize the use and maintenance of facilities.
  • Imagine if you could precisely fulfill the educational and career needs of each student, adapting curriculum to strengths and weaknesses, applying the most appropriate learning methods, and awarding credible certifications.
  • Imagine if your patients and their family members are more informed about their healthcare, become more engaged in making decisions about care, have convenient access to their medical information, and can receive data-based guidance and personalized support from care team members, anytime, anywhere.
  • Imagine if your clinicians have the right information at the right time for treating patients, can easily access and record a patient’s health information, can coordinate care in real-time with other providers, and can accelerate decision making and time-to-treatment based on AI and data insights.
  • Imagine if providers can analyze a patient’s healthcare data from many internal and external sources to identify disease patterns, manage population health, develop innovative care delivery techniques, and improve clinical outcomes and operational efficiencies.
  • Imagine if clinicians can harness the power of data from sources such as a patient’s smart devices, medical devices, EMR, and community health data to move patient care beyond the hospital setting, provide personalized medicine and improved treatments, identify at-risk patients, and drive clinical innovation.
  • Imagine if you could attract and retain more customers, offer personalized and consistent omni-channel experiences and
    smart advisory capabilities, and enable customers to make more informed decisions.
  • Imagine if your agents could improve relationships with customers, sell more effectively, provide services from anywhere, access a range of customer data and analytics, and improve collaboration.
  • Imagine if you could gain greater insight into risk across the business by leveraging analytics, better understand your liabilities, support effective pricing policies, demonstrate compliance, and optimize your financial positions.
  • Imagine if you could gather information about the use of your products and work collaboratively with a development team to improve products and develop new ones.
  • Imagine if you could stay one step ahead of our maintenance needs, identifying optimum times and processes for refreshing our equipment.
  • Imagine if you could increase the flow of information across your entire business operations, keep your business processes synchronized, and improve your interaction with partners and your supply chain.
  • Imagine if you could improve your engagement with audience members, offer personalized content and experiences, expand consumer access by moving publishing and distribution to the cloud.
  • Imagine if your workforce could easily collaborate around the world to develop, create, distribute, and manage content, securely share work in progress, and speed time to market.
  • Imagine if you could deliver content on-demand to consumers while reducing distribution costs, streamlining operational management and realizing greater efficiency.
  • Imagine if you could precisely personalize relevant content and targeted advertising campaigns, better monetize existing and new content, and leverage customer insights from data and AI to create innovative products.
  • Imagine if you could improve your mineral recovery by additional one percent through process optimization to get the best balance of grade and recovery.​
  • Imagine if you had full visibility from anywhere at any time across the entire mine operations including all equipment and every miner working ​at any level in the mine.​
  • Imagine if you could reduce fatalities, injuries, and occupational diseases in your workforce and protect the environment by gathering and analyzing near real-time data from many sources; turning information into action.
  • Imagine if you could stay one step ahead of your maintenance needs, identifying optimum times and processes for refreshing your equipment.​
  • Imagine if you had in-time in-context financial insights across business divisions, plants, equipment, and people, enabling you to predict problems, improve decision making, and enhance financial performance.​
Oil & Gas
  • Imagine if members of your entire value chain could make better decisions in developing, operating, and maintaining your oil fields by sharing information and working more collaboratively.
  • Imagine if you could improve the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your equipment by quickly gathering and analyzing real-time operational data and relevant data from many sources.
  • Imagine if you could dramatically increase production and extend well life by rapidly modeling reservoirs and quickly adapting extraction techniques.
Professional Services
  • Imagine if you could improve your engagement with clients and increase the value of your services by developing self-service and automated options, easy access to expertise and insight, and fast time to impact.
  • Imagine if your employees could access and share knowledge and expertise, quickly become productive, collaborate on marketing and sales, and improve service quality.
  • Imagine if you could analyze the performance of your employees and partners, the quality of engagements, and the effectiveness of sales to make better decisions about improving operations.
  • Imagine if you could develop self-service and automated digital services that enable your firm to generate revenue from clients while reducing the cost of service delivery.
  • Imagine welcoming your customers to a holistic experience of multi-platform, multi-channel and multi-stage seamless shopping journeys.
  • Imagine empowering sales associates with the customer insights they need to  personalize service and help customers with perceived needs, as well as latent ones.
  • Imagine delighting customers with lightning-fast fulfillment and real-time flexible delivery enabled by an efficient supply chain.
  • Imagine new retail store models that bring the ease of digital shopping and experience of brick and mortar together, enabling real-time personalized recommendations, click and collect, and in-store digital assistants.
  • Imagine if you knew your fans better and could deliver personalized, rich, and connected experiences and services to them anywhere at any time.
  • Imagine if members of your organization could easily collaborate, share knowledge, and become more productive.
  • Imagine if your coaching staff could optimize training, elevate team performance, and improve game strategy.
  • Imagine if you could better coordinate operations, gather and analyze data about fans and business processes, coordinate logistics, and optimize your entire value chain.
  • Imagine if you could provide immersive fan experiences and innovative services at the venue and beyond, and monetize them using new business models.
  • Imagine if you could deliver personalized experiences to customers, allowing them to relate to you in a more natural and easy way, and creating trusting relationships based on transparency and control.
  • Imagine if employees were able to collaborate across all organizational boundaries, creating agile teams that leverage knowledge and excellence from anywhere in the business to deliver impact and innovation at scale.
  • Imagine if you could shift all your infrastructure to a hybrid cloud environment, creating agility and operational efficiency by automating the development and management of services.
  • Imagine if you could create an extensive open digital ecosystem that integrates multiple platforms to operate and monetize new digital services.