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While researching the future, I came across the free E-Book, What Comes Next? A Trends Perspective for Our Future, by Jim Carroll

I think Jim shined the light on some very key trends that are reshaping and redefining today’s business.

The 8 Big Trends at a Glance

  1. Analytics is Hot.
  2. Small is the New R&D.
  3. Attitude and Amusement.
  4. Time Disappears.
  5. Resistance to Change Retires.
  6. Careers End.
  7. Knowledge & Skill Banks.
  8. Interactivity Redefines.

The 8 Trends Explained

I quoted my favorite lines from Jim’s guide to help characterize the trends:

  • Analytics is Hot.  “The 21st century is all about math: some of the most unique, innovative ideas are emerging with these types of analytic projects. This is where the next billion dollar industries are being born.”
  • Small is the new R&D.  “Today, the global R&D process has changed, and small
    is big. The global, infinite idea loop allows topic experts to share their latest research and insight with their global peers on a continuous basis. It’s a fundamental
    transformation in which most new scientific discoveries now percolate from the bottom up.”
  • Attitude and Amusement.  “The fact is, you’ll need them. That’s why workforce
    engagement is the big issue — you’ll only be able to get the staff you need if you can keep them active, engaged, interested and amused. A entirely different workplace concept that is radical, yet necessary.”
  • Time Disappears.  “The major trend going forward is the collapse of time. There’s no time to plan anymore – there is just a need for action. While we still need budgets to manage and control, they’ll have to be constantly adjusted to deal with new realities. In this context, volatility is the new normal : the concept of risk management, for example, is transitioning quickly to one of risk containment.”
  • Resistance to Change Retires.  “The coming generation of senior management aggressively pursues and implements new ideas. While the first is reluctant to embrace new business models, the next steamrollers them. Expect velocity!
  • Careers End. “Your paycheck will come from: the global, itinerant, part-time, skills-for-hire economy.”
  • Knowledge & Skills Banks.  “The capital of the 21st century isn’t financial : it’s experiential knowledge that is extremely scarce and specialized.”
  • Interactivity Redefines.  “Every industry will soon be transformed by the forthcoming era of “pervasive connectivity.”  Essentially, every device and thing around us is about to become plugged in — leading us to an era of interactivity and connectivity that is mind-boggling in scope.”

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