The People I Worked with on Amazing Projects


A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” — Lao Tzu

For Friday Reflection, I took a look back through the project teams I’ve lead through some big challenges and even bolder ambitions.  I listed out the people I worked on various projects to help remember some of my best inspiration, motivations, and lessons learned in this life.

A quote by Cas McCullough comes to mind:

“The road won’t always be easy but it will be worth it.”

And sometimes advice from Winston Churchill would often help me stay the course:

“When going through hell, keep going”.

It’s true what Maya Angelou said about how we remember people:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Our Stories are All We Have

Our life is our stories.   The ones we tell others, and the ones we tell to ourselves.

Karen Fisher reminds us that every person we know is a chance to grow:

“Our stories are all we have. The only thing that can save us is to learn each other’s stories. From beginning to end….For every life we know, we are expanded.”

Maybe though, it’s Dr. Seuss that reminds us how to embrace the experiences in our life:

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

Surround Yourself with the Dreamers (and the Ones Who Lift You)

Let’s start this off right and give a shout out to one of the best quotes ever on surrounding yourself with the right people.

Here is a quote by Simone Biles that really says it all:

“Surround yourself with the Dreamers. The Doers. The Believers. And Thinkers: But most of all, surround yourself with those who see Greatness within you even when you don’t see it in yourself.”

Jim Rohn put it well when he said, “You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with.”  There is also a variation along the lines of “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

We really do mimick and mirror the people in our life, because we’re social creatures, creatures of habit, we have a lot of mirror cells, and it’s how we learn.

Pair Up to Change the World

There are some great quotes about dream teams, such as John Maxwell’s “Teamwork makes the dream work”.

I really like how Richie Norton puts it:

“If you can dream it up, you can team it up.”

Anytime I try to change the world, I remind myself that all things are created twice, first in the mind, and then in the world.  And I always keep in mind what Einstein taught us:

“Imagine is more valuable than knowledge”

I love hacking big dreams down to size so teams can execute against the vision and make it happen and learn along the way.  It’s a powerful way to turn dreamers into achievers, and remind achievers that all great things start with a dream.

Cherish the ones who dream big, it’s how we move mountains and they are the ones who remind us, “Oh, the places you’ll go.”

Now here is my fast tour of the people that I worked with to change the world…

The Microsoft Books of Dreams

I created the Microsoft Book of Dreams model as a framework to help leaders reimagine the future and explore the art of the possible.  Peter Fisk shared a pretty good overview of the Microsoft Book of Dreams.  This is literally where I got to build “Dream Teams” to change the world.

And if you worked on the Book of Dreams, you were known as a Dream Builder.

The big idea was to innovate around customer challenges and create new business breakthroughs using technology.  This is why we would say, “Business because of technology.”

For each project, I would build a dream team and we would swarm around customer pains, needs, and desired outcomes while working through stories, scenarios, and insights.   We built Books of Dreams for a number of areas :

  • Industries:  Automotive, banking, education, health, retail, media, telco, sports, the future of cities, and more.
  • Personas / Business Function: Chief Digital Officer, the Chief Marketing Officer, the Chief Information Officer, the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Human Resources Officer, etc.
  • Disruptive Technologies:  Disruptive technologies included Mixed Reality, Blockchain, IoT, AI and more.  The real beauty was lighting up new industry possibilities such as AI Book of Dreams for Retail or Blockchain Book of Dreams for Banking.
  • Philanthropies:  Our philanthropy team really liked the model and built Books of Dreams to help several philanthropy organizations share and scale their digital dreams to change the world.

Here are some of the Dream Teams that helped create and shape the future…

Category Dream Team
Airlines Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Andy Eunson. Ravish KumarContributors and Reviewers
Alan Hakimi, Bill Hubbell, Blessing Sibanyoni, Cassandra St. Louis, David Spinelli, Deepak Mani, Greg Jones, J.D. Marymee, Jolly Kaur, Linda Chapman, Noohu Mohamed, Ron Lamb, Tareq Ayub
Banking Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Andy Eunson, Indu SasikumarContributors and Reviewers
Albert Kolb, Alberto Manuel Fernandes Dias, Alexandre Nardi, Alma Cardenas, Antonio Ruggiero, Anya Minbiole, Blessing Sibanyoni, Cassandra Whobrey, Chrysa Mataragka, Colm O’Halloran, Eric Perkins, Fernando Machado Piriz, Franck Goron, Jan-Willem Ophof, Jenny Fridheim, Joerg Heier, Johan Klut, Michael Mueller, Nikos Makris, Ofir Tessel, Pervaiz Gul, Reinier Schut, Steffen Futterer, Steve Leigh, Willman Garzon, Yousef El-Foudeh
Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Salim NaimContributors and Reviewers
Steve Sweetman
Chief Information Officer (CIO) Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Jim DuBois, Andy Eunson

Contributors and Reviewers
Bill Hubbell, Claudia Palme, Eve Enslow, Gil Pettegrew, Jim Burns, Jolly Kaur, Kelly File, Patrick O’Rourke, Peter Weill

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Andy Eunson,Contributors and Reviewers
Ali Krichene, Alik Levin (Caradigm), Bill Hubbell, Bret Arsenault,
Bryan McMillan, Jason Taylor, Jolly Kaur, Joseph Lindstrom,
Kelly File, Patrick O’Rourke, Tracey Ferriss
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Jeff Marcoux, Andy EunsonContributors and Reviewers
Al Sheehan, Alessandro Balzarelli, Anya Minbiole, Bill Hubbell, Blessing Sibanyoni, Brad Clayton, Caroline Atelius, CAT Susch, Frederic Caillieret, Gil Pettegrew, Gini Ekstein, Holly Kelly, Jolly Kaur, Kelly File, Kevin Urie, Kirk Carver, Manik Sarkar, Melissa Roy, Peter Deane, Marcia Engel, Michael Harris, Marcia Engel, Mark Croft, Philippe Brissaud, Puneet Gupta, Rathi Ranjan Dasgupta, Sarah Steiger, Steve Sweetman, Valerie Vogt, Vijay Musuvathy
Chief Human Resources Office (CHRO) Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Andy Eunson, Rachita GhosalContributors and Reviewers
Kathleen Hogan, Andreas Kopp, Anya Minbiole, Arno Harteveld, Bill Hubbell, Brad Clayton, Chris Gideon, Chris Nouveau, Deepak Mani, Erin Lowe, Frederic Caillieret, Gary Fung, Gerardo Amaya, Irada Sadykhova, Jay Clem, Jeff Shih, Jolly Kaur, Kannan Venkatraman, Kim Leader, Lucy Hur, Marc Ashbrook, Mark Bestauros, Mazen Fayad, Michael Minnie, Nathan Barnett, Oksana Nigaychuk, Patricio Molina Vargas, Paul Lidbetter, Prerna Ajmera, Phil Eng, Richard Tso, Sarah Mocke, Saumil Gandhi, Sjors Dignum, Stacy Elliott, Steve Sweetman, Theresa Dahl, Tuan Jean Tee, Yalle Elehu, Y-Nhi Dang
Citizen Services Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Cigdem Cimen Aygun, Mandeep Bhatti, Rachita Ghosal, Valentina IonContributors and Reviewers
Aldis Vilums; Andrea Battaglia; Andrew Hawkins; Ben Saville; Bora Kivrak; David Russell; Eve Machol; Iain Hogg; Jose Antonio Ondiviela Garcia; Kelly Johnson; Prajakt Deotale; Priya Bhargavi Bayyapu; Robert Hernady; Rusya Kalikhman; Sally Nofte; Simon Hakim; Shaaz Nasir; Susie Kalousis; Umit Tiric
CityNext Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Andy EunsonContributors and Reviewers
Aldis Vilums, Alessandro Balzarelli, Alexandre Nardi, Amir Kareem, Amos Miller, Anant Daylan, Anya Minbiole, Barbara Perry, Bill Hubbell, Bill Mitchell, Blessing Sibanyoni, Brad Clayton, Brant Zwiefel, Carrie Griffiths, Chris Harries, Dave Coplin, Daniel Sumner, David Anderson, Deepak Mani, Detlef Kaiser, Evan Diamond, Fred Chong, Ha Cole, Ian Webster, Itisha Basu, Iveta Topalova, Jacob Bang, James McGregor, Jarnail Chudge, Jim Burns, Jolly Kaur, Joneil M Sampana, Kathryn Willson, Keith Hill, Keith Weinzerl, Kim Nelson, Kurt Allebach, Larry Cochrane, Laudon Williams, Lesly Goh, Lina Mongrand, Linda Chandler, Manojkumar Ganesamoorthy, Mark Bestauros, Philippe Brissaud, Rahul Sharma, Ray Stephenson, Rimes Mortimer, Rob Bernard, Rob van der Ende, Robert Alders, Ron Zahavi, Sook Huey Wong, Steve Sweetman, Terry Chapman, Thuy Lev, Tim Gregson, Tim Lehew, Ty Moore, Tyson Storch, Vernon Lee, Yasser Abdel Kader
Consumer Electronics Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Andy Eunson, Juhi Talesara, Mark BestaurosContributors and Reviewers
Bill Hubbell, Chris Harries, Conan Thomas, Dewain Robinson, Enrique Andaluz, Greg Todd, Helder Alexandre, Indranil Sircar, Jolly Kaur, Kelly File, Mark Hoffman, Matthew Brennan, Pratap Ladhani, Puneet Gupta
Consumer Goods Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Andy Eunson, William HeurdierContributors and Reviewers
Andrew Quinn, Doug Caywood, Ilia Fortunov, Jolly Kaur, Laurent Foret, Steve Sweetman
Education Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Andy Eunson, Celso AvelarContributors and Reviewers
Aditya Srirama Venkata Naga Darbha, Barbara Perry, Daniel Rubiolo, David Middleton, David Spinelli, Ha Cole, Kathleen Sheeha, Kurt Allebach, S Srinivas Sivakuma, Shelly Bird, Yousef El-Foudeh
Healthcare Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Andy Eunson, Varanasi Srinivasa Surya SasankaContributors and Reviewers
Andrew Tran, Andy Pedack, Bill Hubbell, Blessing Sibanyoni, Bob Davidson, Bob Yates, Brook Karen, Bryan Ong, Chris Polk, Christopher Regan, Clifford Goldsmith, Daniel Carchedi, David Heckerman, David Spinelli, Dennis Schmuland, Dewain Robinson, Dick Mandemaker, Ellen Campbell, Eric Perkins, Erik Mlincek, Ernie Perez, Evan Diamond, Gareth Hall, Ghazni Ahmed, Greg Todd, Ian Erridge, Jason Peterson, Jeanne O’Kelley, Jerry Yang, John Barto, Jolly Kaur, Kelly File, Laudon Williams, Leslie Sistla, Lesly Go, Mark Hoffman, Matt Valentine, Matthew Slavin, Naveen Dhar, Neil Jordan, Paul Thomas, Phillip Eng, Raj Rajendran, Ravi Mundhe,
Roger Chappé de Léonval, Sandro D’Aviera, Srinivasa Sivakumar, Steve Sweetman, Sumedha Chakraborty, Tom Lawry
Manufacturing Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Andy Eunson, Rachita GhosalContributors and Reviewers
Akansha Gawade, Alessandro Balzarelli, Allen Brokken, Andrew Quinn, Anya Minbiole, Bill Hubbell, Barry O’Reilly, Blessing Sibanyoni, Brent Sinclair, Brian Loomis, Chandra Kariyappa Raju, Dave Morehouse, Dottie Shaw, Egbert Schroeer, Enrique Andaluz, Grant Peters, Jolly Kaur, Kelly File, Mark Benyovszky, Raman Johar, Rinaldo Coccia, Rudy Dillenseger, Sanjay Ravi, Shrishail Pathani, Simone Banchieri, Stefan Krinke, Steve Kosted, Steve Sweetman, Susan Jackson, William Heurdier
Media Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Jen Cooper, Nick KatsivelosContributors and Reviewers
Bill Hubbell, Carlos de Huerta Mezquita, Chrysa Mataragka, Katharine English, Jeff Saper, John Cosley, Lionel Gourvitch, Mary Wayte Bradburne, Paul Lunden, Tina Damaskou, Vittorio Centurione
Mining Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Joseph Starwood, Andy EunsonContributors and Reviewers
Alkis Flemetakis, Anna Baynon, Anya Minbiole, Avraham Shechter, Brian Loomis, David Epp, David Spinelli, Denis Chalifour, Egbert Schroeer, Erick Jansson, George Earl, George Katergaris, Ian Hoyle, Johnathan Clarke, Jolly Kaur, Jorge Diaz-Zapater, Kadri Umay, Karen Mitchell, Kim Schulze, Mark Bestauros, Matt Burke, Mazen Fayad, Michael Wilmot, Miles Gustafson, Nives Stanfelj, Raj Kumar, Salim Naim, Stan Kotlyar, Steve Sweetman, Susan McLaws, Susan Woodell, Tim Litton, Tony Gonzalez, Vartan Karapetyan
Modern Work Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Chris Gideon, Andy Eunson, Kim Leader, Rachita GhosalContributors and Reviewers
Andreas Kopp, Anya Minbiole, Bart Bischoff, Bill Hubbell, Brad Clayton, Deb Bannon, Deepak Mani, Daniel Rubiolo, Darron Inman, Drew Gude, Erin Lowe, Frederic Caillieret, Gary Fung, Gerardo Amaya, James Petrosky, Jay Clem, Jeff Shih, Jesse Howard, Jolly Kaur, Kannan Venkatraman, Marc Ashbrook, Mazen Fayad , Michael Minnie, Nate Williams (LinkedIn), Nathan Barnett, Nindy Hunter, Oksana Nigaychuk, Patricio Molina Vargas, Paul Lidbetter, Prerna Ajmera, Phil Eng, Richard Smith, Richard Tso, Sarah Mocke, Saumil Gandhi, Steve Sweetman, Theresa Dahl, Tracey Fountain, Tuan Jean Tee, Vaibhav Agarwal, Yalle Elehu, Y-Nhi Dang
Oil & Gas Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Andy Eunson, Abhinay YadavContributors and Reviewers
Abdallah Fateen, Adil Soofi, Alan Hakimi, Alberto Manuel Fernandez Dias, Bill Hubbell, Blessing Sibanyoni, Claudia Roessler, Dania Kodeih, Danny Venables, Egbert Schroeer, Fabian Sirach, Greg Todd, Jean-Claude Monney, Jeff Fryling, Jennifer Marsman, Jolly Kaur, Kadri Umay, Kelly File, Keven Markham, Kirk Carver, Luia Pulkka, Maneesha Lall, Mark Benyovszky, Muge Wood, Nidal Al-Basha,
Nives Stanfelj, Omar Saleh, Rachita Ghosal, Raman Johar, Randy Hoppe, Sam Hammami, Vijay Oberoi, Wael Ahmed, Yasser Abdel Kader
Professional Services Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Ted Kempf, Andy EunsonContributors and Reviewers
Albert Kolb, Bill Hubbell, Brent Sinclair, Carr Phillips, Christine Burtin-Le Mezo, Dean Abrams, Eiko Ermold, Elliott Ichimura, Frederic Caillieret, Geraint Thomas, Ian Crow, Jolly Kaur, J.P. DeCuire, Kelly File, Martin Beyer, Nichola Pelot, Philippe Brissaud, Phillip Joe, Salim Naim, Sree Sundaram, Steve Sweetman
Retail Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Ravish KumarContributors and Reviewers
Anya Minbiole, Blessing Sibanyoni, Casey Hanson, César Del Barrio Aguado, Deepak Mani, Hemant Anand, Hugo Martorelli, Ilan Ostfeld, Jan-Willem Ophof, Jolly Kaur, Marc-André Morisset, Marty Ramos, Michael Hoisek, Praveen Gururaja, ShiSh Shridhar, Steve Sweetman, Susan Jackson, Vladimir Mahnev, Yatty Wu, Zeta Tsatsani
Sports Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Sebastian Lancestremere, Andy EunsonContributors and Reviewers
Alessandro Balzarelli, Alessandro Lombardi, Alexander Strauss, Bill Hubbell, Christina Klein, Guillermo Morales Sanchez, Jeff Hansen, Jesus Serrano Castro, Jim DeMarco, Jolly Kaur, Karen Hollander, Kelly File, Marina Boter Vidal, Mercedes Blanco Garcia, Mike Downy, Monica Robbins, Nuria Gonzales Florez, Orlando Ayala, Salim Naim, Steve Fox, Stewart Mison, Samara Donald, Stephanie Reitz, Sudarshan Gopaladesikan, Tracye Foy
Telco Book of Dreams Authors
J.D. Meier, David Meltzer, Andre Truter, Rick Lievano, Zeta TsatsaniContributors
Anna Minbiole, Bill Hubbell, Daniel Zini, Drew Gude, Jolly Kaur, Lunga Mvinjelwa, Mark Lamb, Raghavendra Rao, Rita Arrigo, Roberto Garcia, Simon Ripley, Stefanie Meister, Tuan Jean Tee, Yasuyuki Tsuchiya

The First “Blue Books” of Microsoft (the Microsoft Architecture Guides)

I remember when Eric Rudder, a former technical assistant for Bill Gates, first held one of his books in his hand.  He said:  “Congratulations, you created a Blue Book, and it’s seriously good.”

The purpose of the “Blue Books” at Microsoft was to help architects and teams build better solutions on the Microsoft platform (or at I would say to my aunt, “We show customers how to put our Legos together”).

We used these guides and prescriptive guidance to share and scale expertise.

For customers, the impact was huge.   Instantly, we saw  customers accelerate success, positively change their confidence in the platform, increase adoption and drive satisfaction with the platform.  Oh yeah, and these award-winning guide would help us win competitive platform assessments every time.

Here are some of the dream teams I worked with…

Book / Project People
Application Architecture Guide Authors
J.D. Meier, Alex Homer, David Hill, Jason Taylor, Prashant Bansode. Lonnie Wall,
Rob Boucher Jr.. Akshay BogawatContributors and Reviewers

  • Test Team. Rohit Sharma; Praveen Rangarajan
  • Edit Team. Dennis Rea
  • External Contributors and Reviewers. Adwait Ullal; Andy Eunson; Brian Sletten; Christian Weyer; David Guimbellot; David Ing; David Weller; Derek Greer; Eduardo Jezierski; Evan Hoff; Gajapathi Kannan; Jeremy D. Miller; John Kordyback; Keith Pleas; Kent Corley; Mark Baker; Paul Ballard; Peter Oehlert; Norman Headlam; Ryan Plant; Sam Gentile; Sidney G Pinney; Ted Neward; Udi Dahan
  • Microsoft Contributors and Reviewers. – Ade Miller; Amit Chopra; Anna Liu; Anoop Gupta; Bob Brumfield; Brad Abrams; Brian Cawelti; Bhushan Nene; Burley Kawasaki; Carl Perry; Chris Keyser; Chris Tavares; Clint Edmonson; Dan Reagan; David Hill; Denny Dayton; Diego Dagum; Dmitri Martynov; Dmitri Ossipov; Don Smith; Dragos Manolescu; Elisa Flasko; Eric Fleck; Erwin van der Valk; Faisal Mohamood; Francis Cheung; Gary Lewis; Glenn Block; Gregory Leake; Ian Ellison-Taylor; Ilia Fortunov; J.R. Arredondo; John deVadoss; Joseph Hofstader; Koby Avital; Loke Uei Tan; Luke Nyswonger; Manish Prabhu; Meghan Perez; Mehran Nikoo; Michael Puleio; Mike Francis; Mike Walker; Mubarak Elamin; Nick Malik; Nobuyuki Akama; Ofer Ashkenazi; Pablo Castro; Pat Helland; Phil Haack; Reed Robison; Rob Tiffany; Ryno Rijnsburger; Scott Hanselman; Seema Ramchandani; Serena Yeoh; Simon Calvert; Srinath Vasireddy; Tom Hollander; Wojtek Kozaczynski
Building Secure ASP.NET Apps Authors
J.D. Meier, Alex Mackman, Srinath Vasireddy, Michael DunnerContributors and Reviewers

  • Thanks to external reviewers – Keith Brown (DevelopMentor) for review and feedback on the ASP.NET chapter, Andy Eunson for providing scenarios on middleware applications, John Langley (KANA Software) for bringing J2EE and .NET perspectives to the table, Kurt Dillard and Christof Sprenger for reviewing application scenarios and the authentication and authorization process, J.K.Meadows and David Alberto for reviewing application scenarios and individual chapters and Bernard Chen (Sapient) for reviewing the authentication and authorization process
  • Product Group – Thanks to Manish Prabhu, Jesus Ruiz-Scougall, Jonathan Hawkins and Doug Purdy from the .NET Remoting team; Keith Ballinger Yann Christensen and Alexei Vopilov from the Web Services team; Laura Barsan from the ASP.NET team; Greg Fee (.NET Roles / Principal permission checks), Greg Singleton and Sebastian Lange (CAS); Tarik Soulami from the CLR team; Erik Olson (extensive validation and recommendations on ASP.NET); Caesar Samsi (for sharing in depth e-commerce Internet facing application scenarios), Riyaz Pishori, Shannon Pahl and Ron Jacobs (Enterprise Services), Dave McPherson (Windows security architecture and authorization strategies), Christopher Brown (helping resolve cross product issues), John Banes (DPAPI), Joel Scambray, Girish Chander (SQL Server security)
  • MCS / Field – William Zentmayer (Remote application tier scenarios with Enterprise Services), Shantanu Sarkar (validation of application architecture scenarios), Carl Nolan (Web services), Samuel Melendez and Jacquelyn Schmidt (infrastructure and deployment scenarios), Steve Busby, Len Cardinal, Monica DeZulueta, Paula Paul (Data Access and Web application security), Ed Draper, Sean Finnegan (pushing Active Directory and Windows authentication with technical depth and practical scenarios), David Alberto, Kenny Jones (for bringing real world field issues to the table and helping to involve the field), Doug Orange (real world Extranet authorization scenarios), Alexey Yeltsov (SQL Injection), Martin Kohlleppel (Architecture review), Joel Yoker (firewalls and IPSec) Special thanks to Jay Nanduri ( for reviewing and sharing real world experiences, Ilia Fortunov (Senior Architect) for providing continuous and diligent feedback and Aaron Margosis (MCS) for thoroughly reviewing several chapters and making excellent suggestions at various stages of the project.
  • Special thanks to Product Support Services folks for contributing and review various portions of the guide – Venkat Chilakala (Troubleshooting section), John Allen and Jeremy Bostron (ASP.NET), Martin Petersen-Frey (simplifying and helping to structure the Remoting and Web Service portions of the guide), Karl Westerholm (SSL), Jayaprakasam Siddian Thirunavukkarasu (SQL Roles and ADO), Wade Mascia (valuable feedback  on Enterprise Services, COM threading, ASP.NET and Web services), Ryan Kivett (IIS6 and ASP.NET), Sarath Mallavarapu (Data Access), Jerry Bryant (bringing community issues to the table) and Peter Kyte for resources
  • Thanks also, to Philip Teale, Ram Sunkara, Shaun Hayes, Eric Schmidt, Michael Howard, Rich Benack, Carlos Lyons, Ted Kehl. Thanks to Peter Dampier, Mike Sherrill and Devendra Tiwari from the Enterprise Alliance team for validating our application scenarios. Thanks to Tavi Siochi (IT Audit) for feedback on SQL Injection.
  • Finally, thanks to our colleagues on the patterns & practices team: Per Vonge Nielsen, Andrew Mason, Edward Jezierski, Sandy Khaund, RoAnn Corbisier, Tina Burden, Edward Lafferty, Peter M. Clift, John Munyan, Mohammad Al-Sabt, Anandha Murukan and Chris Sfanos
Cloud Engagement Notes Authors
J.D. Meier, Alex Mackman, Jason Taylor, Paul EnfieldContributors and Reviewers

  • Thanks to the following Microsoft contributors and reviewers:
    Field: Amos Miller, Bill Cunnane, Brad Tagg, Brian Loomis, Brian Otto, Eddie Clark, Ken Archer, Martin Sykes, Neeraj Sabhnani, Paul Lidbetter, Tom Hollander
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Improving .NET Application Performance Scalability Authors
J.D. Meier, Srinath Vasireddy, poration Ashish Babbar, Alex MackmanContributors / Reviewers

  • Special thanks to key contributors: Anandha Murukan; Andy Eunson; Balan Jayaraman, Infosys Technologies Ltd; Christopher Brumme (CLR and COM interop); Connie U. Smith, Ph.D.; Curtis Krumel (SQL Server); David G. Brown (SQL Server); Denny Dayton; Don Willits (“Uber man”); Edward Jezierski; Ilia Fortunov; Jim O’Brien, Content Master Ltd; John Allen (ASP.NET); Matt Odhner (ACT); Prabhaker Potharaju (SQL Server); Rico Mariani (Performance Modeling, CLR, Code Review, Measuring); Ray Escamilla (Tuning); Scott Barber (Performance Modeling and Testing); Sharon Bjeletich (SQL Server)
  • Special thanks to key reviewers: Adam Nathan (Interop); Brad Abrams; Brandon Bohling, Intel Corporation; Carlos Farre, Solutions IQ; Chuck Delouis, Veritas Software (SQL Server); Cosmin Radu (Interop); Eddie Lau (ACE); Eric Morris (ACE); Erik Olsen (ASP.NET); Gerardo Bermudez (CLR, Performance Modeling); Gregor Noriskin; Ken Perilman; Jan Gray; John Hopkins (ACE); Joshua Lee; K.M. Lee (ACE TEAM); Mark Fussell (XML); Matt Tavis (Remoting); Nico Jansen (ACE Team); Pablo Castro (ADO.NET and SQL); Patrick Dussud (CLR); Riyaz Pishori (Enterprise Services); Richard Turner (Enterprise Services); Sonja Keserovic (Interop); Thomas Marquardt (ASP.NET); Tim Walton; Tom McDonald; Wade Mascia (ASP.NET threading, Web services, and Enterprise Services); Yasser Shohoud (Web services)
  • Thanks to external reviewers: Ajay Mungara, Intel Corporation; Bill Draven, Intel Corporation; Emil Lerch, Intel Corporation; Carlos Santos (Managed Code); Christopher Bowen,; Chuck Cooper; Dan Sullivan; Dave Levine, Rockwell Software; Daniel Cazzulino, Lagash Systems SA; Diego Gonzalez, Lagash Systems SA (XML); Franco Ceruti; Fredrik Normén “N2”, Barium AB (extensive review); Grant Fritchey; Greg Buskirk; Ingo Rammer,; James Duff, Vertigo Software; Jason Masterman, Barracuda .NET (Remoting); Jeff Fiegel, Acres Gaming; Jeff Sukow, Rockwell Software; John Lam; John Vliet, Intel Corporation; Juval Lowy (COM interop); Kelly Summerlin, TetraData; Mats Lannér, Open Text Corporation; Matt Davey; Matthew Brealey; Mitch Denny, Monash.NET; Morten Abrahamsen (Performance and Transactions); Nick Wienholt,; Norm Smith (Data Access and Performance Modeling); Pascal Tellier, prairieFyre Software Inc.; Paul Ballard, Rochester Consulting Partnership, Inc.; Per Larsen (Managed Code Performance); Scott Allen (Design Guidelines); Philippe Harry Leopold Frederix (Belgium); Scott Stanfield, Vertigo Software; Ted Pattison, Barracuda .NET (COM Interop); Thiru Thangarathinam; Tim Weaver,; Vivek Chauhan (NIIT); Thiru Thangarathinam; Wat Hughes, Creative Data (SQL Server)  Microsoft Consulting Services and Product Support Services (PSS): Dan Grady; David Madrian; Eddie Clodfelter; Hugh Wade; Jackie Richards; Jacquelyn Schmidt; Jaime Rodriguez; James Dosch; Jeff Pflum; Jim Scurlock; Julian Gonzalez (Web services); Kenny Jones; Linnea Bennett; Matt Neerincx; Michael Parkes; Michael Royster; Michael Stuart; Nam Su Kang; Neil Leslie; Nobuyuki Akama; Pat Altimore; Paul Fallon; Scott Slater; Tom Sears; Tony Bray
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  • Thanks to our patterns & practices members for technical feedback and input: Jason Hogg (ADO.NET and XML); Naveen Yajaman; Sandy Khaund; Scott Densmore; Tom Hollander; Wojtek Kozaczynski
  • Thanks to our test team: (Infosys Technologies Ltd): Austin Ajit Samuel Angel; Dhanyah T.S.K; Lakshmi; Prashant Bansode; Ramesh Revenipati; Ramprasad Gopalakrishnan; Ramprasad Ramamurthy; Terrence J. Cyril
  • Thanks to our editors for helping to ensure a quality experience for the reader: Sharon Smith; Tina Burden McGrayne, Entirenet; Susan Filkins, Entirenet; Tyson Nevil, Entirenet
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  • Finally, thanks to: Alex Lowe; Chris Sells; Jay Nanduri; Nitin Agrawal; Pat Filoteo; Patrick Conlan (SQL Server); Rajasi Saha; Sanjeev Garg (Satyam Computer Services); Todd Kutzke
Improving Web Services Security Authors
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Every ending is a new beginning.  Just like when one project ends, another beings, or when one door closes, another opens.

To build and hold that sense of urgency for embracing life, I remember how Seth Godin put it:

“Life is like skiing.  Just like skiing, the goal is not to get to the bottom of the hill.  It’s to have a bunch of good runs before the sun sets.”

Your dreams are waiting for you.

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