Satya Nadella on How Success is a Mental Game



As technology and software change our world at a faster rate than ever before, we need to play a better game.

How do we play a better game?

By recognizing our conceptual blocks and removing them.

Here is how Satya Nadella told us to think about our mental game and conceptual blocks:

“It’s really a mental game.

At this point, it’s got nothing to do with your capability, at all.  You’re going to be facing stuff that you never faced before and it’s all in the head.  The question is how are you going to cope with it.  It’s all a conceptual block. 

And if we can get rid of that, things get a lot easier.

You’ve got to really think about the conceptual block you have, be mindful of it, and remove it.

And then you can have a different perspective.”

When we change our perspective, we change our game.

That’s how we win, in work and in life.

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