Satya Nadella on The Future is Software



Satya Nadella is a quiet leader, with thoughts of a better world for everyone.

He believes that one of the keys to the future is software. 

I believe it, too.   After all, one of the key trends is infrastructure as code.  Software is the only thing that can keep up with the changes in a digital world, automate the routine tasks, and scale in ways beyond human capacity.  It’s how we move up the stack.

Here is what I heard Satya say about how the future is software:

“The future we’re going to invent together, express ourselves in the most creative ways.

It’s a software driven world.

The future is going to be software

It’s going to come in different forms.

It’s going to shape every human experience going forward.

What’s the soul of this company that is truly reflected in every service every device … productivity in a mobile-first cloud-first world.

Bring our A-game every day.”

It’s a programmable world, and it’s a great time to be in software.

Get you’re A-game on and let’s shape the future together.

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